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Your visit to Bogor will not be complete without visiting some of these famous places.


The Bogor Botanical Gardens (Indonesian: Kebun Raya Bogor) is a botanical garden located in Bogor, Indonesia, 60 km south of central Jakarta. It is currently operated by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Indonesian: Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia or LIPI). The Garden is located in the city center and adjoin the presidential palace compound of Istana Bogor. It covers an area of 87 hectares (210 acres) and contains 13,983 different kinds of trees and plants of various origin.


The Bogor Palace (Indonesian: Istana Bogor, Dutch: Het Paleis te Buitenzorg) is one of six Presidential Palaces of Indonesia, it is located in the city of Bogor, West Java. The palace is noted for its distinctive architectural and historical features, as well as the adjoining botanical gardens. Istana Bogor was opened to the public in 1968 to public tour groups (not individuals), with the permission of the acting President of Indonesia, Suharto. The gardens of the palace covers an area of 284,000 square metres (28.4 hectares).


Curug Nangka is a waterfall tourist attraction at the foot of Mount Salak. This tourist attraction is included in the Halimun Salak National Park area. Located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and surrounded by pine forests, the air is very cool.



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